Katja Ramirez


I've have been tattooing professionally for 18 years now. I graduated, with a BFA, from Concordia University in Montreal, Can., in 1997, which is when myobsession with tattooing started to grow into a full time occupation. Primarily self taught, I followed opportunities, from Montreal and Toronto, to NYC, and Texas, to acquire the experience I felt that I needed. I am grateful to have found a home in Austin, Texas, where i can grow professionally, and get the most out of being a wife and mother to a wonderful family.

As a teenager the initial pull was toward the seedy side of tattooing, as well a simple desire for ink on skin. My interest grew with my exposure to traditional american and japanese tattooing. these styles have remained to be influentialin my work, as they are in themselves bold and timeless.

My influences today include japanese and other styles of asian art, folk art of various cultures,black and grey chicano art, and the natural world.

Though I remain committed to synthesizing my clients ideas into work I can stand behind, i wish to push my own vision further, with a focus on love and death,and the mythologies we create to fill the space in between . My goal is to create bold images which flow with the body.Wether the symbolism is overt or intuitive, the emphasis is on an aesthetic that is powerful and beautiful.

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