Keenan Bouchard


I was born and raised in Vermont, where I developed my love for drawing due to time spent inside during cold winters. Playing in various bands and making artwork for records and shows naturally lead into tattooing and getting tattooed.

I began tattooing in 2008 and co-owned Magnetic North Tattoo in Burlington for 3 years prior to moving to Austin. I got into tattooing pretty late in the game, but I think there are people doing right by tattooing and I have always wanted to have a hand in that. 

I’d like to make tattoos that hold up and look good over time, while preserving traditional aspects of tattooing. I keep an open mind, and think most things can be accomplished in some way while still following the rules of tattooing and what will last. I will, however always look at something through my lens of influence and experience and create something new. While I have a tendency to make things detailed and busy, I’d like to move forward saying more with less. Leaving more skin and letting the tattoo breathe and read from a distance.

My influences are a combination of old and new. I look mostly at Medieval, Buddhist, Ancient Egyptian, Art Nouveau, Japanese, astrological art, botanical and natural world, alchemy, religious, textiles, sci-fi and fantasy, Durer, Dali, Bosch, Mucha, Giger, Frazetta, Finlay, Kirby, Beardsley, and of course…traditional forms of tattooing.

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Keenan Bouchard